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Elitism in Fine Art Photography

October 3rd, 2009

Elitism in Fine Art Photography

Most of what passes off as fine art photography today:

* is boring
* is narcissistic
* is unlikely to be remembered by history
* eschews the notion of telling a story
* doesnít evoke emotions but draws upon academic superciliousness
* eschews the preservation of memories
* regards beauty as banality
* seems to have no regard that art originated as an expression of love of God
* is produced by pseudo intellectuals for enjoyment by other pseudo intellectuals
* gloms onto approved fads like minimalism and soft focus
* regards vast areas of untextured white or grey punctuated by banal subjects as urbane
* champions form over substance
* demands that composition comply with the latest approved rules
* seeks to demolish perceived barriers between art and daily life
* is not rebellious or revolutionary but an expression of the orthodoxy of a left brained alliance
* does not believe that you must learn form before you abandon form
* seeks to elevate the trivial to the level of the significant
* regards the incomprehensible that flirts at the edges of their orthodoxy as profound
* is long on pattern recognition and short on substance
* is the Ďemperorí who isnít wearing any clothing
* is done by demigods who feel they are gifted with wisdom and intellect
* shuns the words of Aristotle that ďa good metaphor implies an intuitive perception of the similarity in dissimiliars"
* is absent humor, save for that which derides the latest demons on their politically correct black list
* expresses the bias that anything the public likes must be unsophisticated